BCN New Logistics

BCN NEW LOGISTICS is a company with a long history in the logistics sector. During all these years we have distinguished ourselves by specialization, and by offering a personalized service - mainly in radiofrequency picking, which has allowed us to differentiate ourselves as a Logistic Operator. For our clients we have become an important strategic ally, allowing them to reduce structure, save space and time, and optimize results, making the phrase "turn your fixed costs into variables" into reality. BCN NEW LOGISTICS He has extensive experience since 1998 in the Storage and Distribution sectors. We have always directed our effort to the total collaboration with the client to create a service adapted to your needs and thus be able to provide you with the solutions that your Logistic Management needs. We must highlight above all our human team, highly specialized and with many years of experience in warehouse management. This makes us have total confidence in being able to offer an excellent and personalized service.

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barcelona logisticsbarcelona logistics


In Barcelona y Fontanar

We put at your disposal our modern facilities of Barcelona and Fontanar (Guadalajara - Corredor del Henares), perfectly equipped and very well located, to provide your company with new logistical resources in terms of storage capacity, availability of information and speed in the distribution .
Warehouse in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, 2,000 m2, capacity for 3,000 pallets.
Warehouse in Fontanar 3,000 m2, capacity 4,000 pallets. Equipped with loading-unloading springs, palletizing and picking shelves, the appropriate machinery and tools. For the improvement of security and control, we have equipped our facilities with a radio frequency system that offers us RF coverage in all areas and, with it, the possibility of interacting with portable reading and data collection equipment, and with the printers, in real time and in constant connection with our SGA. For your peace of mind, we adopt the maximum security measures, with alarms connected to the control center and CCTV with 24-hour recording

  • Integrated warehouse management and customer customization
  • Experts in order preparation
  • Specialized logistics for e-commerce
  • Transport and distribution
  • Logistic projects
  • Document and file management
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns


  • Warehouse Management by Radio Frequency
  • Traceability - Control - Inventories
  • FIFO Management - Control Caducidades - Serial Numbers

Reception management

  • Tracking and Forecast of Arrivals
  • Control of Arrivals - Download - Download Report
  • Bulk Verification - Incidents in the Download
  • QA
  • Goods Entry - Location
  • High Computing - Incident notification
  • Classification - Palletizing of the Merchandise

Order Preparation - Radio Frequency Picking - Packing

  • Customization of forms - total adaptation
  • Ordering with Radiofrequency
  • Total packing control
  • Professionalism - Knowledge of the client's product
  • Goods Entry - Location
  • Integration to the systems of work of the clients
  • Individualized packaging adapted to the requirements of its customers

Management and tracking of your merchandise until the end customer

  • Interface "APPIA EDIA" to track your expeditions
  • On-line information of transport agencies
  • Incident management, returns, reverse logistics
  • Distribution to any point of the national geography
  • Canary Islands, Portugal and Andorra
  • National-international transport of full loads
  • Distribution and Transportation to any part of the World

Documentary Management

  • Transfer
  • Custody
  • Maintenance of Files and Documents

Logistic Projects

  • Design
  • Audit Office
  • Consultancy